September in Victoria BC

Traditions run deep in Victoria: July begins with a bang, August with a splash, and September in Victoria BC always begins with all the fun of the fair.

The Saanich Fall Fair has shown¬†local agricultural exhibits, music and crafts –¬† since 1868 at Saanich Fairgrounds in the centre of the peninsula on the Labour Day weekend. A final summer bash.

That same weekend has a delightful sight in the Inner Harbour: the Victoria Classic Boat Festival, now in its 40th year. The boats may not be the biggest or most spectacular but they are classy and beautiful. See a sail-past and a steam boat parade, watch a rowing regatta in the Gorge Waterway and dory races (small shallow-hulled fishing boats).

For me, the best part of September here is the combination of fine touristy weather (an “Indian summer” is not uncommon), the gradual softening of colours as early fall sets in, and the easing off of the busy crowds. It’s a good time to discover Vancouver Island. One might say that September compares to July and August in the words of Robert Frost “I took the one less traveled by, and that has been all the difference”. So come and take the quieter road: September in Victoria BC.



Victoria BC weather

Prospective guests often ask us what Victoria BC weather will be like to help with their travel plans. This is a fair question since their travels may take them from California to Alaska, from BC to the Prairies in addition to their visit to Vancouver Island. This simple question often entails a rather complicated answer so well try to establish some facts here to guide you.

Our Victoria B&B website says “A moderate Mediterranean climate makes Victoria BC a year-round vacation destination” but since we are on the coast weather patterns just have to be more complex than that. That’s understandable but what is harder to grasp is that the whole of the Saanich Peninsula comprises many mini-climatic zones. I remember looking at a weather map of the peninsula last summer noting that temperatures varied by 10 degrees C and the peninsula is only 30 km / 20 miles long!

Victoria BC temperatures are similar to Vancouver and Seattle although our rainfall thankfully only about half of theirs. This handy chart shows average daily maximum temperures (Centigrade / Fahrenheit).
January 6.5 / 44
February 8.4 / 47
March 10.2 / 50
April 12.9 / 55
May 16.3 / 61
June 19.3 / 67
July 21.8 / 71
August 21.8 / 71
September 19.1 / 67
October 14.1 / 57
November 9.4 / 49
December 6.8 / 45

If you wish to convert temperatures from C to F try this formula. Multiply Centigrade by two, deduct 10%, add 32; eg 30C x 2 = 60 10% = 56 + 32 = 86F.

However, coastal weather projections have to be taken with the proverbial pinch of salt. Victoria BC weather can be, as the British forecasters say, “variable”.